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The truth is, that building a brand is one of the most important things you can do for your business or corporation. No matter what size your company is, it can benefit from having a good image in the eye of the public.

Why should I use promotional items?

Why should you not? Think about this way, I'm sure you are familiar with the famous Nike brand. After all, the Nike logo is known in the deepest regions of Africa, far away from civilized neighborhoods. Promotional gear allows you to build your brand with clever, everyday tools - they work on the subconscious of your target market, and because they are free giveaways people love to collect and own them.

What if the budget doesn't allow me to use these tools?

If you feel your business cannot benefit from giving each client a bunch of promotional pens, hand out some promotional golf umbrellas at the next company event or delight your key clients with corporate folders, then you are clearly not seeing the bigger picture.

When you look at cost versus benefits, you are not utilizing the power of brand marketing. The truth is, these items are often retailing at less than a few cents per customer. If you buy them in bulk you can often benefit from discounts, which will make them affordable for most businesses.

Where should I hand out these things?

That's entirely up to you. Some companies hand our promotional gear at specific company events that are also open to the general public. If for example you are planning a big day out at the golf course it would be the ideal place to hand out promotional golf umbrellas to people outside your company - fellow golfers. Every time it rains, they will gladly use your gift and chances are high that you'll attract new clients from this marketing stunt. Plus it also helps to build your brand over time.

Other things such as corporate folders and promotional pens are easy handed out at the office. Say you are an accountant, lawyer or insurance agent; it would be very easy for you to hand one of these promotional items to a buying client. Since you are making money from any client it can be a cost vs. profit offset that is easy to digest.

Promoting your business is easy with the help of giveaways. People will come to know your brand thanks to the promotional items you hand out at every opportunity. Make the most of it.

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